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Hospital visitation a privilege not a right, says Romney

Hospital visitation for same-sex couples is a benefit, not a right, says Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Romney believes that states should define LGBT “benefits” like adoption and hospital visitation rights. Romney still supports a federal amendment defining marriage as between one man and one woman.

“Governor Romney supports a federal marriage amendment to the Constitution that defines marriage as an institution between a man and a woman. Governor Romney also believes, consistent with the 10th Amendment, that it should be left to states to decide whether to grant same-sex couples certain benefits, such as hospital visitation rights and the ability to adopt children. I referred to the Tenth Amendment only when speaking about these kinds of benefits – not marriage,” Bay Buchanan, a Romney senior campaign advisor, told Buzzfeed.

Romney’s position would be a reversal of President Obama’s executive order that prohibits hospitals from discriminating against LGBT couples. This is consistent with Romney signing the National Organization for Marriage’s pledge to fight marriage equality and to appoint Supreme Court justices that oppose same-sex marriage. Romney contributed $10,000 to NOM, a virulently anti-LGBT group, according to a Federal Election commission filing released by the Human Rights Campaign.

Fuck Mitt Romney.

I have been saying for some time now that if Mitt Romney wins the Presidency, come January 21, 2013, every single thing the Obama Administration has done by executive power to eliminate discrimination against LGBT people in this country will be rescinded.

Look, I know that Barack Obama is not the greatest President in the history of this country, and I have been a very vocal critic of him and his administration; however, the fact is that we stand at a crossroads in history, and the Republican Party needs to be sent a clear and uncompromised message that the Usamerican people utterly reject their values.

If you are thinking of sitting out this election because you don’t want to vote for the lesser of two evils, or of voting for a third party candidate, as I myself did in 2008, I implore you to vote for Barack Obama. There is no middle ground in 2012. Romney, Ryan, and the entire GOP slate of candidates need to go down in flames. Believe me, I am not thrilled with the prospect of 4 more years of limpid non-leadership from the Democratic Party, but the only realistic alternative is certain disaster for the United States of America.

The attacks on the rights of women, the rights of LGBT people, the welfare of the working classes, and the probability of the retirement of multiple Supreme Court Justices are too important to leave in the hands of the power mad, money devouring GOP. Don’t let it happen!

It’s 1992 all over again, only worse, because there is no Internet coming down the pike to resuscitate the economy. It’s ironic that Barack Obama’s policies and situation bear so much resemblance to that of George HW Bush, but Mitt Romney is definitely no Bill Clinton. The war is over in Iraq, again, and it is time to turn our eyes inward to domestic policy, particularly on the economic front. Remember the slogan that got Clinton elected, “It’s the economy, stupid.” Romney, on the other hand, doesn’t even possess the first Bush’s foreign policy credentials. He falls flat from every perspective, and he represents a clear and present danger to the interests of the people of this country.

Please, get to the polls on November 6, and pull the big “D” lever. There is no middle ground this time. There are no conscientious objectors. This is war, war brought by the GOP to destroy the values of equality that made the United States a shining example for the world and for history. I will be damned if I see that dream fail within my lifetime.