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Not sure if you haven’t figured it out by now, but…





OK, I’m going to assume this is true, because I feel good about trusting what’s being said here, based on my own experience you know, actually being part of this fuckknob’s person’s paranoid fantasies. It is my professional opinion as Gemma that this Tabitha has got some serious personality disorder shit going on and probably requires psychiatric assistance. The communications I have received from this person exhibit dramatically different writing styles, so this leads me to believe that there may be a dissasociative thing going on or whatever it is that they’re calling multiple personality disorder now (which can result from traumatic stress) Let’s hope she(?) gets that help, and that she doesn’t darken my Dashboard or Inbox again. My patience with that person is exhausted, so I’m not feeling any more charitable than the words I have chosen here.

Well I mean either her partner’s in on it too, or she’s actually convinced that the two aren’t the same. It doesn’t seem likely, since after I posted my last exposé, she came after me out of nowhere, meaning they’re both probably stalking my blog :P

It’s called dissociative identity. I’m not a part of this whole situation and won’t comment on that, but let me just say, please don’t let the comments degenerate into “crazy bitch with multiple personalities” kind of judgments. No matter how aggravating and stalker-y this person is. I might just be reading into things because of my own condition, but reading that was a little upsetting.

(Side-note: Here is a perfect example of the difference between mild discomfort and an actual triggering event! No triggers, just a vague unsettling feeling.)

No, no, I didn’t mean it like that. I meant that seriously. I think there is evidence to suggest that this may be an actual case of Dissociative Identity Disorder. This doesn’t excuse her rude behavior, though.

Sorry if I seemed to come off sounding as if I was using any reference to any mental disorder as a derogatory. I’ll try to be more clear in the future. After all, by the strict standards of the DSM, I’m nutty, myself, being transsexual.